Upcoming Fundriasers

Fundraising is an important aspect of the ministry that helps us keep going.   We are trying some different things in 2019.    We hope you will take part in this work that is making a difference in different families.  Already in 2019we have reached and been a part of over 40 homes.   All this is possible through various financial donors that help us move forward.

Now happening in March Faranada’s Lent dinners on Friday nights.   You can select Love INC to receive a portion of your dinner cost.  This is our first year hear, and hope you will be able to participate.  

Give DeKalb County is in May.  Please plan on giving to this large fundraising event.   Our goal is to reach $7,000 that will allow us to meet basic needs of many families and build positive relationships with them.   More details coming.   Your gift will be proportionally matched.

TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE.  Thank you for assisting in our first TC event in 2018.  Your partnership here was helpful in our mission.

Ways to financially contribute in 2019

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars. We are an accepted organization for those of you with Thrivent to contribute your Choice Dollars
  • Give DeKalb County in May. This will be our 3rd year participating in this event.   It was helpful the last two years and we are looking forward to this county wide event this year.   Consider giving generously in May.   More details will be coming.
  • You can also mail in your donations or use the PayPal link on our website (or at the bottom of our email).
  • Various Dine with us opportunities will be added during the year.

It starts with a call….

We are thankful for the office workers we have that give weekly time to get things moving.   These volunteers have big hearts and at times are emotionally drained when they leave.   They handle our phones “where help begins”.  As the person calls the intake office our volunteers are ready to encourage.   Not only is the intake done, but they listen to the sometimes painful stories of clients calling.   Our intake specialist offer prayer and provides hope and encouragement before they say, “goodbye”.   The intake volunteers can testify to the change in mindset of the caller in this first phone call.   This intake role is essential, behind the scenes but very important due to a number of reasons.  For many it is where hope begins.

Impact of a call….read our 2018 Annual Report:   2018 ministry year annual report

Thank you for being part!!


looking ahead—2019

What a privilege to see all that God has done in 2018.  He allowed many volunteers to connect with those in need, many donors took part in the funding base, churches used the various ministries to connect with needy families and individuals, and many clients were exposed to Christ through actions and words.

We are thankful for the new supporters and groups that have been part of our financial team in 2018.  We still need more help to make this a constant ministry.

And we are thankful for the desire and vision God has allowed us to have for 2019.   We desire to see more connecting opportunities, and as our picture shows for this story we hope to start laying the framework for both a Love INC store in 2020, and transitional housing by 2024.   The need for housing in our area is great for those trying to get out of homelessness, transitioning out of addictions, reentering society after jail, or just trying to get on their feet.   Our director is passionate about both opportunities and looks forward to working with the churches and individuals in our community to make these visions happen.

In 2019 we hope more families will be like families we helped in 2018 in need of dining tables and other household items look to us to for encouragement.   How  great is it to be able to put a table and chairs in someone’s dining room.  Eating together, using it for homework or reading, or sitting around the table laughing.   Great times!!

You can donate online by clicking our donate now button.   Our mailing address is PO Box 172 Sycamore, Il.  60178.   We are an approved 501c3 not for profit organization, and your gift is tax deductible.

Join us in making a difference today.

If you would like to donate before 2018 ends and receive a tax letter it would need to be postmarked by the end of December.   You can also give generously through your credit or debit card by using the donate button in the upper right corner of the main page.  We would love to have your financial partnership.

Our 2019 Ministry Report will be available January 15th.   We looked forward to sharing that with you on the impact you have had.

We look forward to starting many things in 2019 but the volunteer base and a growth in our funding base is crucial.

On November 1st we will put our Operational Plan here for you to read some of the things we desire to see happen as we Help Churches Help Others in 2019.


Restart your unused items…..

Recycle your unwanted household items with us.   Your good conditioned items that you want to get rid of or replace can be used in our community.  We have 24 Gap Outreach ministries.  These GM are things we use to connect the church with the client, and to meet basic needs of individuals.   Lamps, kitchen items, bikes, tables, and many more things (visit the Gap Ministry page to see a complete listing) are used in big ways.

People who have nothing in their homes for various reasons receive a piece of yours.   By donating items to us you are investing greatly with the needy in our community.

The following are needs we have in four of our Gap Ministries that are immediate:

Furniture Ministry:   Couches and love seats (they should be free from rips, smells, and stains)
Peace N Rest Ministry:  Twin bed sets; dressers (also need to be free from rips, smells, and stains)
Lamp Ministry:  Lamps both table and floor