We value transformation in the lives of people and communities.

Your financial gifts make Love INC be a viable resource in our community of DeKalb County.   During February 2023 we are having a fundraiser called Mailing 50 Fundraiser.   We are asking for $50 donation to help in the strengthening of the work being done.   We want to offer a variety of more help to those in need like deeper mentoring and resources to help those struggling.   We need your help to do this. Love In the Name of Christ operates as a central clearinghouse and ministry center, receiving calls for needs of all kinds and verifying the legitimacy of all needs.  Love INC empowers Christian volunteers to meet needs and accomplish ministry through our GAP Ministries with our partner churches.  We also make sure that, as a ministry, we have all the resources and help of area agencies and organizations at our fingertips, including complete knowledge of the ministries and services of each network church.  Love INC strives to be the best steward possible of the variety of resources that will help people with legitimate needs.  For individuals and families with chronic needs we hope to expose them to ministries and agencies to help accomplish long-term change.  We desire to see transformation come to homes and our communities because of our coordination and network approach to ministry.  All clients go through an intake and verification of need process before assistance is provided. PO Box 172  Sycamore, Il.  60178 815-517-1928

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