Gap Ministries

Gap Ministries are the “ministry tools” of Love INC.   They are ways for the volunteers from the churches to connect with those in need and meet the need at the same time.   Its often said that we care about the person more than meeting the need.  Below is a list of our Gap Ministries and the church that is currently overseeing that area.   Even though there is a church next to the outreach an individual still needs to call our office, 815-517-1928, for the intake and verification process before they can take advantage of the outreach.

Our Gap Ministries are possible through people donating items to us to use.  From the clothing to bikes to furniture and even kitchen items and lamps.   The list of items of what we can use can be  seen in the Gap Listing below or on our Services page you will find an up to date listing of needed items.

Gap Ministry List rev 221205Love INC DeKalb/Sycamore

number poster Feel free to print this and place it in your church, business, or public place so those in need can know who they can call.