Upcoming Fundriasers

Give generously and with love:   Your generous giving helps us help individuals by mobilizing various church volunteers into the community to meet basic need and provide a positive support base for those struggling.   Please consider being generous so we can take part in building up our community together.

PO Box 172 Sycamore, Il. 60178    /815-517-1928    /  loveincdk@gmail.com


Ways to financially contribute in 2021

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars. We are an accepted organization for those of you with Thrivent to contribute your Choice Dollars
  • Give DeKalb County on May 5th. We are excited to be part of this large fundraiser again.  You can give online on May 5th at Give to Love In the Name of Christ | Give DeKalb County  This is a great chance to give generously using your credit or debit card.   You can also give by check and mail it in until May 5th.  This means you can give generously right now.   Use the following form to do this:  Love INC give dekalb county giving form for mail in.pdf    simply follow the directions on the form and send it in.Your help is needed.   Any questions feel free to email us at loveincdk@gmail.com or text us at 815-751-0108.
  • You can also mail in your donations or use the PayPal link on our website (or at the bottom of our email).