Volunteers are doing great things in 2023….be part of it!

Volunteers connect with many people during the course of the week.  From the intake initial step to some churches going the far extra mile like Bethel Assembly of God that have invited many of the ladies they serve through the Diaper and Baby Essential Ministry.   First Lutheran  is able to connect monthly with families through their Linen ministry and also the volunteers that deliver furniture to families.   The various churches that host food pantries has been a valuable resource for many along with their Essentials Ministry.   The Lamp Ministry and its volunteers are able to flood the homes with light.  Bringing light into darkness in two ways.   The Peace and Rest ministry of beds is constantly use and a deep need we have to provide proper rest for kids and adults.   People have been encouraged to find employment during their situation, students have completed school, and people able to reenter their home.

Self esteem is built, encouragement given, stress reduced, and basic needs met because our volunteers care for others just as Jesus does.