Volunteers are doing great things in 2023….be part of it!

Volunteers connect with many people during the course of the week.  From the intake initial step to some churches going the far extra mile like Bethel Assembly of God that have invited many of the ladies they serve through the Diaper and Baby Essential Ministry.   First Lutheran  is able to connect monthly with families through their Linen ministry and also the volunteers that deliver furniture to families.   The various churches that host food pantries has been a valuable resource for many along with their Essentials Ministry.   The Lamp Ministry and its volunteers are able to flood the homes with light.  Bringing light into darkness in two ways.   The Peace and Rest ministry of beds is constantly use and a deep need we have to provide proper rest for kids and adults.   People have been encouraged to find employment during their situation, students have completed school, and people able to reenter their home.

Self esteem is built, encouragement given, stress reduced, and basic needs met because our volunteers care for others just as Jesus does.


Financial Gifts are needed

Give generously and with love:   Your generous giving helps us help individuals by mobilizing various church volunteers into the community to meet basic need and provide a positive support base for those struggling.   Please consider being generous so we can take part in building up our community together.   Noone can cover the help you give.  Please consider taking part financially to the ministry of Love INC DeKalb/Sycamore

PO Box 172 Sycamore, Il. 60178    /815-517-1928    /  loveincdk@gmail.com


Ways to financially contribute 

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars. We are an accepted organization for those of you with Thrivent to contribute your Choice Dollars
  • Perhaps you desire to give  to a specific need of the ministry:  office expenses, staff salary, storage rental, or a monthly bill.  We would love your specific coverage of these needs we have as we coordinate great help in our community.
  • You can also mail in your donations or use the PayPal link on our website or QTR code here (or at the bottom of our email).

Restart your unused items…..

Recycle your unwanted household items with us.   Your good conditioned items that you want to get rid of or replace can be used in our community.  We have 24 Gap Outreach ministries.  These GM are things we use to connect the church with the client, and to meet basic needs of individuals.   Lamps, kitchen items, bikes, tables, and many more things (visit the Gap Ministry page to see a complete listing) are used in big ways.

People who have nothing in their homes for various reasons receive a piece of yours.   By donating items to us you are investing greatly with the needy in our community.  During April and May of 2019 over 500 items have been donated.

The following are needs we have in four of our Gap Ministries that are immediate:

Beds:  twin, full, and queen are accepted if they are in good conditions free of smells, rips, stains, and animal hair.  

Couches: all good conditioned couches (excluding hide a beds) are needed with the same policy as the beds above.

Lamps:  help give light to a home



It starts with a call….

We are thankful for the office workers we have that give weekly time to get things moving.   These volunteers have big hearts and at times are emotionally drained when they leave.   They handle our phones “where help begins”.  As the person calls the intake office our volunteers are ready to encourage.   Not only is the intake done, but they listen to the sometimes painful stories of clients calling.   Our intake specialist offer prayer and provides hope and encouragement before they say, “goodbye”.   The intake volunteers can testify to the change in mindset of the caller in this first phone call.   This intake role is essential, behind the scenes but very important due to a number of reasons.  For many it is where hope begins.  We are currently looking for a couple of intake volunteers get in touch if you are interested.  

Thank you for being part!!