Love Stories

“Pay me with church”

One of our volunteers knew of a friend in need.   She suggested the friend give the Clearinghouse a call, 815-517-1928, to see if she could be assisted.   This lady does work full time, has some children, and pays her bills like many of you do.   However, her bills  devour her paycheck.  As she called Love INC DeKalb/Sycamore she was looking for some help in getting her car fixed.  An individual from Harvest Bible Chapel-DeKalb offers his business to do this.  As this client was approved for assistance the mechanic made arrangments  to check out the vehicle.  They lined up a time to get it repaired.  This lady was impressed by the honesty and integrity of the volunteer and gave high compliments to the work being done.   Although labor is free their is still the responsibility of paying for parts by the client.   When the work was done the single mother asked what she owed.   The mechanic replied, “you owe me church.”    Sure enough the client “paid up” and attended church with her children.   However, she ended up at a different church than the mechanic and his wife.   She gave them a call and realized she was at the “wrong” church.   She enjoyed the church she attended, her kids enjoyed it, and it was friendly and challenging.   When  we followed up with the client she was overwhelmed with the generosity, help, and kindness through her experience.   She was also touched by one of the things the mechanic stated when she found out she was at the wrong church.  He said, “as long as you attend a good teaching Bible church I don’t care where you go.”

The desire of Love INC is exactly that in our interaction with people.   We want people to experience the love of Christ in a life changing way.  We desire to see our community transformed through the love and power of Christ.  We desire to give the body of Christ a tool to get into the community.   Fixing cars is one of the ways we can perform servant evagelism to those in need.