Upcoming Fundriasers

Fundraising is an important aspect of the ministry that helps us keep going.   We are trying some different things in 2018.    We hope you will take part in this work that is making a difference in different families.  Already in 2018 we have reached and been a part of over 40 homes.   All this is possible through various financial donors that help us move forward.

Thank you to those that have been able to participate in our restaurant fundraisers this year (Texas Roadhouse and Portillo’s).  We will be adding some more in the near future.

Thank you to those that participated in Give DeKalb County and included us in your generous giving.

What is next???

TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE.  In June we will be distributing change boxes to many churches in the area.  If you would like one before then please let us knows 815-517-1928.  In July the Transformational Change fundraiser takes place and we are excited about this and the opportunity for you to take part.   Your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters…paper dollars can all be used to have a transformational change in many homes.

Ways to financially contribute in 2018

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars. We are an accepted organization for those of you with Thrivent to contribute your Choice Dollars
  • Give DeKalb County in May. This will be our 2nd year participating in this event.   It was helpful in 2017 and we are looking forward to this county wide event this year.   Consider giving generously in May.   More details will be coming.
  • Transformational Change. Our July change fundraiser will be our first of this nature.   Use your change to bring hope and transformation to many homes.
  • You can also mail in your donations or use the PayPal link on our website (or at the bottom of our email).
  • Various Dine with us opportunities like the one at Texas in March.   Other restaurants will be added.