2017 a time to give and serve

We are thankful for the new supporters and groups that have been part of our financial team in 2017.  We still need more help to make this a constant ministry.    One lady we helped with a vehicle repair asked the mechanic when the work was done how much she owed for the parts.  He simply stated, “You owe me church.”  She said ok, and she went with her kids the next Sunday.  She loved where  she visited.  The friendly people, the worship, and the love.   The volunteer that referred her to Love INC followed up with her and the excitement was overflowing.  We are thankful how God worked in this way.  It took a person with a need, someone who new of our ministry to refer the person, it took volunteers in the office, volunteers willing to check out and repair the vehicle, and it took a church to receive and welcome the fabulous family.  We are thankful for this work.

Families in need of dining tables and other household items look to us to for encouragement.   How  great is it to be able to put a table and chairs in someone’s dining room.  Eating together, using it for homework or reading, or sitting around the table laughing.   Great times!!

These things can not be done without your backing and financial support.  We have 300 blocks needing to be filled at $20 a month.   This is what it takes to keep this vital community ministry going in 2017.   We have carefully managed our finances, and will continue to do so.   Your gift of $20 or $40 or more makes a huge impact.   Please consider helping us in our mission of mobilizing the church into the community and helping those in need.   Our director would like to meet with you and that can be arranged if you would like to know more.   You can donate online by clicking our donate now button.   Our mailing address is PO Box 172 Sycamore, Il.  60178.   We are an approved 501c3 not for profit organization, and your gift is tax deductible.

Join us in making a difference today.

If you would like to donate before 2016 ends and receive a tax letter it would need to be postmarked by the end of December.   We would love to have your financial partnership.

Our 2016 Ministry Report will be available January 5th.   We looked forward to sharing that with you on the impact you have had.